Irish Nachos for an American Thanksgiving?

So it is thankgiving day. I am sorta falling asleep and flipping channels when I stop on some channel (A&E?, Bravo?, Food Network?) when they are talking about "Bar Food". The restaurant they are talking about is J. Gilligans in Arlington, TX, and they are talking about this creation of "Irish Nachos"; Irish for the potatoes and topped like Nachos.

Now my wife likes nachos, and LOVES potato skins, so this looked like a great bet for her. She had told me earlier she didn't want a traditional Thanksgiving dinner...

My version goes like this:

the potatoes are cut into thick "cottage style" slices (about four times as thick as a potato chip) and then double deep fried till the consistency of crisp French Fries.

They are then layered in a single layer in an oven safe pan or skillet, and topped with pepper jack cheese, diced red onion, diced jalepeno pepper (remove the seeds if you want it a bit more tame), and fresh chopped Cilantro... then further top with shredded cheddar, and fresh cooked chopped bacon.

Put in the oven at 450 till cheese is melted and bubbly, and plate with fresh sliced avocado and diced fresh tomato.

For the dipping sauce, mix sour cream with some spicy mix found in your cupboard; I used a Cajun spice, but any spicy mix will work.

You'll need a fork for this one...

Oh, and Valerie? She said this was one of her absolute favorites...

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