Asian Chicken Salad with Pecans and Almonds

The key ingredient on this salad is the preparation of the chicken...
3 chicken breasts were julienned, and coated with egg and cornstarch, and then stir fried in sesame oil. When just about done, I added some General Tsao's stir fry sauce I had purchased at Trader Joe's... this gave it just a bit of spicy/sweet flavor. Set the chicken aside to cool. With the remainder of the oil, stir fry some chopped nuts till browned... I had pecans and almonds but walnuts or anything else would work well.

While all that is cooling, the salad was made up of baby spinach, romaine, and cilantro. To this I added julienned carrots, and tri color sweet peppers, and then tomatoes. Pile the chicken on when cool and top with the nuts, chopped green onion, and mandarin oranges. I found a great dressing for this... called Brianna's, Mandarin Ginger.

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