Pizza Recipes - Smoked Chicken Pesto Pizza

Ah the Smoked Chicken Pesto Pie!

Basil Pesto
Smoked Chicken
Fresh Tomatoes
Red Onion
Artichoke hearts
Jalepeno/Garlic sautee for topping (See Below)

Below are a variety of ingredients ready to go...

...but for this pie we'll have to do a special topping of garlic and jalepenos too!

First, throw a few cloves in some Olive oil and let them start to infuse the oil...
then throw in your sliced fresh jalepenos... sautee until desired tenderness and then let cool and set aside.

Toss or roll your dough and place on a floured peel
Note: you do not need to oil the dough with this recipe! There is plenty of oil in the Pesto!
Top with the Pesto, mozerella, tomato, red onion, smoked chicken, and artichoke hearts.

Slide er' in to that preheated 550 oven!

You may want to blot some of the excess oil with a paper towel...
top with Jalepenos and ENJOY!

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