Chinese Medley

Earlier this year I made the rash statement to my wife that I wouldn't cook the same meal twice this year. Well, aiming high dosen't hurt, and though I've already broken that promise (at her request!) it is fun to explore so many variations!
I took a couple of hours after INVESTING in some Chinese sauces and spices like Hoisin Sauce, Black Bean sauce, Garlic and Chili paste, Five Spice Powder, and so on. If you have a decent wok, or even just a large non-stick pan, it is easier than you think... although there are a few steps in each recipe.
Pictured above is a medley of dishes... and they make GREAT leftovers!
We have (from top left):
Pecan Chicken in Bean sauce, stir fried fresh vegatables, Imperial Shrimp, some stir fried sugar snap peas, General Tsao's beef (not pictured), and Lemon Chicken.
Valerie says I'm in trouble now because we aren't ordering Chinese anymore... I'm cooking it!
Recipes on request!

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