Vegan Breakfast: Country Potatoes and Dragon Fruit?!

Recently I just had to get out of town, so I hopped in the car and drove to San Diego to visit my Daughter, son-in-law and my little grandson. Sitting on the floor for 4 days and watching a 1 1/2 year old play was just what the doctor ordered.

On morning, my daughter came to me (with those big little-girl eyes and a wistful smile) and said: "Dad, remember those potatoes you used to fix? The ones that you dice small and get crispy with the onions and peppers?"

Being the lazy slob that I am who is unmoved by any emotion, I sprang into action.

To do these right, as you dice the potatoes, put them in a bowl of water, and then drain and pat dry before you put them in a pan. In my opinion, you just have to cook them in a cast iron pan... heated before you put in the oil. Add minced or pressed garlic, salt and fresh cracked pepper, and then stir the potatoes for about a half-hour (or until crispy); add the red onion, red, yellow, orange and green peppers at the end to keep them colorful and fresh.

Since my daughter and son-in-law are vegan, we had recently been shopping and I had come across some fruit I had never seen... one of them was "Dragon Fruit"... at that point I didn't care what it tasted like, I just had to get it! The result below, with tomatoes and avocado added, was the perfect way to start the day...

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